Monday, July 20, 2015

Corn and Soybeans

Though most of my posts and focus are on corn, I got interviewed by Tom Meersman of the StarTribune a couple weeks ago for an article on soybeans.

Since corn prices were down, there were more acres of soybeans planted this year. Here's my section from the article:

"Noah Hultgren — who grows corn, sugar beets and other crops on his farm in Raymond near Willmar — said it’s no surprise that some farmers have shifted slightly to soybeans.
The “input” costs of land rent, seed and fertilizer have not dropped, he said, even though the price per bushel of corn has fallen off considerably.
“In real good [crop price] years, soybeans don’t make you as much money, but in the poorer-price years you don’t lose as much either,” said Hultgren, who also is vice president of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association."

Have a great week!

Noah Hultgren, the Farmlandman