Saturday, February 23, 2013

Past UMMC Sales

For some more information on sales prices for local farmland, I looked back through some of the properties we've sold at UMMC in the last year. We did a couple farmland sales in Renville County, ranging from $4,200 per acre to $7,800 per acre in September of 2012. All of our sales in Renville County were to other farmers, rather than investors...

Sales prices were similar in McLeod County, ranging from $4,950 to $7,109 per acre. Sales prices were more stable in Meeker County, with three major sales all falling within $6,000 to $6,600 per acre.

Chippewa County had the highest average per acre sales prices in the region, due to one really high sales price. But even a farmland sale went for over $9,000 per acre. Likewise, Brown County had a couple farmland sales above $9,000 per acre.

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Noah Hultgren