Friday, February 4, 2011

Useful Advice for Farmers who Rent Land

I recently read an interesting article in the AgWeek publication about new ways to improve the relationship between farmers who rent land and the landowners they rent from.

The author noted that winter is typically the time of year when farmers and landowners are negotiating rental agreements, and highlighted a couple ideas on how to forge a stronger partnership. Consider these solutions from Willie Huot, a North Dakota extension educator "who has studied land rent negotiations and advises farmers on how to approach them":

  • Consider creating a newsletter to update landlords on what’s happening on the farm and in agriculture. - “It’s an educational effort and a communications tool,” Huot says.
  • Resumes are another potential tool. Producers can list their agricultural accomplishments and abilities, much the way a job seeker does.

These could be great ways to keep in contact with landowners by giving them more insight into the type of farming operation being run and the plans for the future.

If you are looking for help selling your farmland or in navigating the ever-changing rental market, please give me a call at 320-894-7528.

Have a great day!
Noah Hultgren
The FarmlandMan