Thursday, February 13, 2014

Local housing market is building up

The West Central Tribune published an article by Anne Polta this week about how the local real estate market is improving. You can read the full article here:

Here are a couple highlights that I pulled out:

"New figures from the Minnesota Association of Realtors show steady improvement over the past year in virtually every indicator. Statewide, new listings were up 4.1 percent last year compared to the year before, while closed sales were up 4.6 percent."

"Prices also are gaining strength. On average, homes across Minnesota sold for 11.2 percent more in 2013 than they did in 2012. Meanwhile, the number of sellers who received their original asking price inched upward as well, from 92.5 percent to 94.6 percent."

"The median sales price for homes in the region rose 17.3 percent last year, from $102,300 to $120,000. Although homes in the four-county region still take longer to sell than in the metro area, there was an 11.5 percent drop last year in the number of days the average house spent on the market, from 131 days to 116 days. The region also saw a 5.6 percent increase last year in new listings and a 9 percent increase in closed sales."

"The local market still contains several foreclosed and short-sale properties, but observers say the numbers of these are on the decline."

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Noah Hultgren

Monday, February 10, 2014

Nanograms and M&Ms

I read an interesting blog post from the "Farm Meets Fork" blog the other day about the amount of hormones found in different types of food. The way she shares this information is extremely useful. If everything was counted with M&Ms I could understand a lot more... 

Not everyone knows hormones exist in every living thing. Synthetic doesn't mean bad. A fair amount of beef and dairy receive some form of hormones. FDA, just as in human drugs, go through thorough testing and review before they are approved for use.

Just an interesting story to think about...

Have a great day,
Noah Hultgren
The Farmlandman